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Happen Digital is a digital content agency

Content marketing | Web video | Shareable content | Editorial training | Digital communications

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Our background is in digital journalism. We have worked for the Guardian, BBC and Channel 4 and believe what we learned about communicating with people in the media can be transformative for other organisations.

Technology means everyone can be a publisher online. You can communicate directly with customers, clients and stakeholders. But you need to understand people’s online habits and interests and produce content that is compelling and social.

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Our services fall into three main categories: consultancy, production and training.

Consultancy Launching a new product, refreshing your website or expanding your digital marketing? We can help you develop a content strategy.

Production We can produce powerful films and video series; illuminating animations and infographics; and compelling articles and blog posts.

Training We can train your staff to produce shareable, entertaining and persuasive content, including video, and promote it via social media.

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Case Studies

We have developed a web video strategy for MoneySuperMarket.com, filmed the primary school science curriculum for HarperCollins and trained the staff at the Star in Malaysia.

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A digital content agency bringing award-winning journalism to content marketing and digital communications